NYDLC Announces New Executive Director -- Democratic Organizer Liza Abraham

For Immediate Release, Mar. 20, 2019

Contact: (866) NYDLC-01; [email protected]  

The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (@NYDLC) is excited to announce that Liza Abraham, 2018 Western NY Regional Organizer for the NYS Dems 2018 Coordinated Campaign, has taken up the reigns as Executive Director of NYDLC, just as the 2019-20 election cycle heats up.

Liza joins NYDLC after serving as an embedded NYS Coordinated Campaign Organizer with the successful Red-to-Blue Brindisi for Congress campaign. In that key toss-up 2018 contest which helped flip control of the U.S. House of Representatives, NYDLC recruited, trained, and deployed an unprecedented team of nearly 100 election monitors who helped then-Assemblymember Anthony Brindisi protect the vote for ALL eligible New York voters living in CD22 (includes Binghamton and Utica). In that capacity, Liza worked directly with NYDLC on Election Day 2018 and during a seven-county post-election absentee/affidavit ballot count.

Liza is a longtime Democratic activist and veteran of several political campaigns where she served as a volunteer and professional organizer, and will bring these skills to her work organizing NYDLC voter protection efforts and pro-voter initiatives. Previously, Liza worked in crime victims’ compensation and rights implementation for the State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety. In 2016, Liza relocated to Upstate New York where her family has lived for over a century. There she became active in a variety of grassroots groups, seeking to advance Democratic and progressive causes in traditionally red counties, including areas where NYDLC will look to base-build and outreach beyond our traditional localities. 

As Executive Director of NYDLC, Liza will lead the ongoing pro-voter operations of the largest and longest-running Democratic voter protection coalition in the U.S., which will form an integral part of the 2019-2020 national voter protection effort, in support of the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee and competitive down-ballot Congressional and State legislative Red-to-Blue and Frontline contests in New York and several battleground states.

"Today the American voter protection community adds a powerful organizer and advocate to its ranks", said outgoing Executive Director Jarret Berg. "NYDLC is fortunate to bring on a rising star in the Democratic party who will continue the important mission of NYDLC to protect voting rights 24/7/365 and help bring New York's voting systems into the 21st century." 

NYDLC greatly values the advice and perspective of all NYDLCers and those who support protecting and advancing the fundamental right to vote. If you would like to contact Liza to discuss the future of NYDLC, your pro-voter priorities, and opportunities to get involved, Executive Director Liza Abraham can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].

In order to make sure we can sustain NYDLC's critical pro-voter programming and implement a robust Voter Protection effort in New York and key battleground contests in 2019-20 and beyond, please give Liza a warm welcome and show your support for NYDLC's efforts by making a generous 2019 NYDLC contribution here.

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