NYDLC Recognizes International Women's Day

The NYDLC proudly commemorates International Woman’s Day. It is a vital reminder of the need to highlight the value, dignity and humanity of all girls and women.  

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NYDLC Applauds Passage of AVR in NYS!

The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (NYDLC) applauds the passage into law of the Automatic Voter Registration Act (AVR). To vote is to participate in democracy. For democracy to thrive, the NYDLC always proudly joins in urging all eligible voters to vote. The vote of the people is loudest and most effective when the largest number of eligible voters as possible cast their votes.
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NYDLC is coordinating to protect voters in New York and beyond!

Find out how YOU can mobilize to protect voters in New York, as well as help volunteers in swing states to monitor polls in their communities!

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NYDLC Voter Helpline is up for the fall!

NYDLC is proud to announce the launch of its statewide voter helpline!

(855) 895-2667

ALL voters can call NYDLC to get answers to their latest questions!

NYDLC Statement on the Passing of Congressman John Lewis

Yesterday, Congressman John Lewis passed away. Congressman Lewis was absolutely committed to the principle of one person, one vote; an advocate who long ago put his life on the line for justice and fundamental rights has now left us. 

For many in the NYDLC family, Congressman Lewis was the greatest leader for the Democratic movement for voting rights in our lifetimes. John Lewis, in word and deed, with blood and sweat, pushed America over a bridge to try to be a better nation. Congressman Lewis never stopped fighting.

It is a sad moment, bidding farewell to one of the brightest lights of the past sixty years.

His absence casts a pall on us; but also a call to fill what he leaves behind. 

We must offer more than words of tribute, and live up to Congressman Lewis’s example of constancy in the fight for justice.

Most of all, we must collectively recognize the charge he left us, to continue the fight for voting rights today. 

Every one of us is entrusted with his legacy and must carry it with us through November and beyond, as we fight for the life of American Democracy itself.

Many of our members have fond memories of meeting the Congressman in person over the years, and hearing him implore them to “make good trouble.” 

In the coming days, we will ask for you to tap into both the grief and the gratitude felt today, to continue to support his legacy. 

At the moment, we simply honor him.

May we all live and work in his example, as we find our way forward together.


Resources Related to COVID-19

COVID-19 is already complicating voting. A carefully planned and coordinated response will be needed in the weeks and months to come. Head over to our resources page or read below the break for some important resources related to voter protection in response to COVID-19.

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NYDLC 3/15 Statement on COVID-19 Crisis

NYDLC Co-chairs and leadership have released the following statement regarding electoral developments and the current state of emergency due to COVID-19:

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Election Season Meets Novel Virus: Let's Empower, Not Alarm

How can we constructively manage risk of community spread of a novel virus, while making voters feel empowered to turnout and vote?

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Registration Deadlines

The deadline for party registration for the NY Presidential Primary has already passed, but there is still time to meet all other NY election deadlines. Now is a good time to check all your voting vitals.

Are you registered?
Is your address still current?
Do you know where your polling place is?
Click here for all NY State Voting Deadlines.
Click here for all other states.

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