NYDLC Applauds Passage of AVR in NYS!

The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (NYDLC) applauds the passage into law of the Automatic Voter Registration Act (AVR). To vote is to participate in democracy. For democracy to thrive, the NYDLC always proudly joins in urging all eligible voters to vote. The vote of the people is loudest and most effective when the largest number of eligible voters as possible cast their votes.

Our organizational mission centers on protecting the right to vote and making sure that every vote is counted. Unfortunately not all eligible voters vote. Not all eligible voters know that, to be able to vote, they must take an earlier step that precedes the time when they cast their vote - which is “voter registration.”

AVR automatically registers many, if still not all, components of the eligible voter population through use of government records of certain state agencies (like Dept. of Motor Vehicles based on drivers licenses, among others). 

AVR represents a profound sea change in efforts of New York State to modernize its voting systems and expand the franchise, and we celebrate its enactment. AVR eliminates one of the greatest barriers to exercising one's constitutional right to vote - registration for much of the population. Implementation begins at the start of 2023.

AVR modernizes and streamlines voter registration, builds upon systems to more smartly and effectively maintain voter rolls, and ensures that registration records stay current over time as people move. As New Yorkers generally, especially young people and people of color, are highly mobile populations, AVR makes it more likely that a static registration record will not become out of date over time.

The passage of AVR did not happen overnight. We give special thanks to the tireless work and unwavering commitment of advocates, including our own devoted members, and organizations representing an unprecedented and diverse array of constituencies, who fought for more than a decade to make a progressive vision become the law of New York State.

  • Liza Abraham
    published this page in News 2021-02-15 13:55:39 -0500