History Made!

The New York Democratic Lawyers Council congratulates Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson​ for her confirmation to serve as the first Black woman Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Her confirmation​ by a 53-47 vote, which included Senators from both parties, to the nation's highest judicial body is a beacon of hope and light as our country grapples with a racial reckoning that has deepened divisions in Americans' views of racial history and challenged our democratic institutions.​ ​

Beyond her unassailable credentials, as a graduate cum laude from Harvard Law School and already nine years in tenure on the federal bench, her unique experience as a public defender ​brings much-needed professional diversity ​and representation ​to the Supreme Court. We celebrate her historic confirmation and thank President Biden for his commitment to appointing the first Black woman to the Supreme Court. This joyous occasion reminds us of what is possible when we work together to elect leaders committed to advancing gender and race equity and diversity in government.

The New York Democratic Lawyers Council continues its work to foster universal participation and trust in the electoral process, increase the diversity of our membership and volunteer base, and ensure representation in efforts to protect voters. As the fight for voting rights continues in courtrooms across the country, we welcome​ Judge Jackson​'s commitment to ​fairness and her courage in upholding democratic institutions and the rule of law. ​Her grace, integrity, and unflappability​ - which she demonstrated​ ​throughout a racially charged, gender-insensitive, and unseemly confirmation process ​- will help restore ​eroded faith and confidence in ​the Supreme Court and inspire a generation to follow in her footsteps. 

We look forward to Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson taking the bench this year. 

  • Alejandra Pollak
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