NYDLC 2022 Memos of Support

Ban Risky Voting Machines and Guarantee Reliable Paper Ballots for Audits S309A (Myrie)  / A1115C (Paulin)Passed Senate              Ban: a) hybrid voting machines that experts say can add fake votes to your ballot; b) votes encoded with bar codes that voters cannot verify; and c) direct recording electronic voting machines that do not accept paper ballots. Require paper ballots for all voters. Guarantee that voters have the option, in every polling place, to mark a ballot by hand or with a ballot marking device. Give boards of election the flexibility to use more than two types of voting machines per election. This bill would modernize statutory voting machine standards in NY that have not been changed since 2008, the year after the first iPhone was introduced. 

Count All Eligible Votes (Wrong Church) S284 (Myrie) /A642 (Carroll) Passed Senate
If a voter appears in the correct county, but at the wrong poll site, an affidavit ballot would be counted for all races for which the voter is eligible to vote.

Reduce Voter Registration Deadline to Constitutional Minimum S2951 (Kavanagh) / A8858 (Carroll)Passed Senate

Allow eligible voters to register to vote up until 10 days before an election, which is the maximum amount of time allowed by the state’s constitution.  The current deadline is 25 days prior to the election.  

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