NYDLC is coordinating to protect voters in New York and beyond!

Find out how YOU can mobilize to protect voters in New York, as well as help volunteers in swing states to monitor polls in their communities!

NYDLC is in the thick of its fall recruitment effort. 

There are MANY ways to get involved. 

NYDLC is a lean, data- and metric-driven organization that hyper-focuses on the most effective and strategic ways to protect the most voters, in the most crucial areas.


We honor the time and the commitment of our volunteers by offering the highest quality training, and funneling our team members to the most impactful areas of voter protection. 

Rights are only as real as the opportunity to exercise them: we are a 15-year strong organization with the tried-and-true field experience to make the most of our resources, and do good for ALL voters. 

Sound good? Get involved today! Just take our quick Sign-up Survey and we will direct you to the team most meaningful to you:

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