NYDLC Legislative Update

NYDLC Community, 

We look forward to seeing you at our first Steering Committee meeting of the year on February 24th (register here).  

We have already seen Albany take action on key legislative proposals this Session and are optimistic more will pass by June.  In particular, the Governor signed into law legislation that extends through the end of this year (2022) the rights of all NY voters to vote by mail, due to risk of illness from Covid spread, following swift passage of the legislation by both houses.  

The State Senate has also moved on a number of bills, including the following longtime NYDLC priorities: 

  • A bill to reduce the registration timeline to the 10 day constitutional minimum (here)

  • A bill that requires the counting of affidavit ballots cast in a polling place other than the one to which the voter was assigned (“ballot saving”) (here, but due to a technical difference with the Assembly version, will have to be re-passed by the Senate) 

  • A bill that establishes polling places on college campuses (here

These bills have yet to move in the Assembly.

Additionally, Governor Hochul included legislation in her budget proposal that would reduce the registration deadline to the constitutional minimum and designate polling places on college campuses.  The Senate has already passed both bills, so we are optimistic the Assembly will carry those forward in the budget negotiations.  

If you have not signed up to receive notices regarding NYDLC's events and activities, and you wish to receive notices, please complete the form at this link.  See you on February 24th!


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