NYDLC VoterPro Annual Membership Dues

NYDLC is funded by members and donors who believe in the importance of protecting and advancing voting rights. 

Annual membership dues are $50. Members receive discounts at NYDLC events and CLEs, access to monthly steering committee meetings, and a subscription to NYDLC's newsletter, The Canvass, to stay up to date on voting rights issues. 

NYDLC maintains a 100% exemption policy (below) for those unable to pay the membership fee due to financial hardship.

Want to maximize your impact?

Sponsor one or more memberships for our young lawyer or law student volunteers by covering their dues.

There is plenty to be done! If you know a lawyer or law student who may be interested in our work, please put them in touch. Email: [email protected]

Your generous support enables NYDLC to continue our work protecting the rights of voters through election monitoring, voter education initiatives, and pro-voter legislative advocacy.



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