We are a coalition of lawyers and others dedicated to fostering universal participation and trust in the electoral process by ensuring that:


All eligible persons can register to vote easily


All registered voters are able to vote simply, fairly, and without intimidation


All votes are counted and all voting systems are open and reliable

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    Voter Protection 2019

    Voting Period Voter Protection Team

    Do you want to play a crucial part in making sure Early Voting is a long term success in New York? Then be an EARLY VOTER ROVER for NYDLC!


    You do not even need a poll watching certificate to be a rover! All you need is the passion for implementing voting rights that all NYDLCers share. 

    How does it work? Just stop by one or more of your early polling sites in your county and follow the observation tool at the survey link! You can fill it out as many times as you like. Some NYDLCers are 'adopting' the early voting sites near their homes, and checking in regularly!


    Want to do more? Have you voted early? Then fill out our "Voter Experience Survey!"



    Want to learn more about early voting, and voting rights generally? Check out our FAQ here. 


    And check out our current manual here!


    Want to get trained by NYDLC and work a poll watcher shift? Email info@nydlc.org with "Poll Watching" in the subject line!

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    1/30: NYDLC Legislative Affairs Advocacy Day Prep Meeting

    2020 has begun and with it, the most crucial election year of our lifetimes.

    Lawmakers in Albany will be fine-tuning Early Voting and other reforms, with new laws potentially going into effect for this November!

    Help NYDLC help lawmakers to get this right! 

    Join us at King & Spalding for 2020's inaugural legislative affairs meeting!

    January 30, 2020 at 6:30pm
    King & Spalding LLP
    1185 Avenue of the Americas
    34th Floor New York
    New York, NY 10036
    United States
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    NYDLC Hails Passage of Budget that Secures Voting Reforms

    For Immediate Release, April 1, 2019 Contact: (866) NYDLC-01; info@NYDLC.org   The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (@NYDLC) applauds state lawmakers for securing new voting reforms for all New Yorkers. 
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    NYDLC Announces New Executive Director -- Democratic Organizer Liza Abraham

    For Immediate Release, Mar. 20, 2019 Contact: (866) NYDLC-01; info@NYDLC.org   The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (@NYDLC) is excited to announce that Liza Abraham, 2018 Western NY Regional Organizer for the NYS Dems 2018 Coordinated Campaign, has taken up the reigns as Executive Director of NYDLC, just as the 2019-20 election cycle heats up.
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    Modern Voting Laws and a Historic Black History Month

    By Carl Unegbu, Rachel Landy, and Jarret Berg This year’s Black History Month celebrations coincided with some remarkable developments in New York law that have a genuine potential to enhance access to the democratic space and improve civic engagement and political participation. And, needless to say, they are of significant interest to the Black community and should interest all minority communities.
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    NYDLC Hails NYS Legislature's Passage of Broad Pro-Voter Package of Election Reform Bills

    For Immediate Release, Jan 14, 2019Contact: (866) NYDLC-01; info@NYDLC.org The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (@NYDLC) hails the speedy passage, through both houses of the New York State Legislature, of a package of election reforms that NYDLC members have fought for years to enact that will improve access to fundamental rights for the benefit of ALL eligible New Yorkers and finally begin to modernize New York's voting laws.
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    NYDLC Praises Governor Cuomo's Decision to Restore Voting Rights to Tens of Thousands of New Yorkers on Parole

    The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (NYDLC) praises Governor Cuomo's significant announcement today that his office will take immediate action to begin restoring voting rights to the tens of thousands of currently-disenfranchised New York parolees, and further, that his administration is committed to protecting the civil rights of future parolees by doing so on an ongoing basis.
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    2018 Year in Review

    NYDLC's 2018 Year in Review (below) highlights the road we have traveled together over the past year mobilizing and training attorneys and voting rights advocates to protect and advance the franchise here in New York and across the U.S.

    In 2018 thousands of NYDLC VoterPros took action and we have lots to be proud of! Whether you were registering voters to participate in New York's multiple primaries of the 2018 Midterm Elections; monitoring the polls across New York or as part of our export operations in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Montana, or North Carolina; conducting legal research and assisting with NYS or national pro-voter advocacy; or organizing community empowerment and educational programming, you were helping to protect and advance the fundamental civil rights of American voters.

    We hope 
    you will consider making a generous end-of-year contribution to NYDLC (here) so that we can continue this important work.

    NYDLC 2018 Year in Review (front)
    NYDLC 2018 Year in Review (back)
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    NYDLC Testifies about 2017 Voting Problems in NYC and the Urgent Need to Overhaul New York Voting Laws

    On Wednesday (12/13), NYDLC submitted testimony to both the New York City Council and the NYC Campaign Finance Board, regarding the most prevalent 2017 voting problems arising out of the 2017 municipal elections in New York City and the urgent need to improve New York Elections via legislative and administrative reforms. Read the full coverage and testimony.
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    New GothamTalks Video OpEd Series Showcases NYDLC's Voting Rights Organizing and Advocacy

    In a new GothamTalks video OpEd, NYDLC Executive Director Jarret Berg discusses the modern fight to vote in New York and across America; several desperately-needed voting reforms lawmakers should enact in 2018; NYDLC's election monitoring, pro-voter advocacy, and rights-based community programming; and the need for a drastic cultural shift among the rising American electorate so all eligible voters are ready to participate in local elections. Watch the full video here.
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