Legislative Affairs Committee

The NYDLC Legislative Affairs Committee consults with voting rights advocates and lawmakers to help advance pro-voter policies. The Committee oversees legal research on state and national voting rights issues, advocates for modernizing our voter registration and election administration systems, and assists with bill drafting. Members conduct research, meet with legislators, and apply their skills to advance civil rights.

Legislative Affairs focuses on improving voting laws and processes at the local, State, and Federal levels. The Committee oversees a variety of projects that include research on national voting rights issues, direct advocacy for the passage of bills in Albany, advising administrators at the Boards of Elections and other policymakers, and assisting Elected Officials with turning ideas into policy and policy into legislation. Participating in projects with the Legislative Committee is great way to be involved with NYDLC, whether you are a seasoned voting rights advocate or just interested in learning more about voting rights issues. 

To see NYDLC's current Pro-Voter Election Reform Agenda and advocacy materials, click here

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Have ideas for programming or questions? Contact Committee Co-Chairs Deborah Porder and Jed Mullens by email: [email protected].