Minority Voting Rights Committee

The NYDLC Minority Voting Rights Committee (MVRC) is focused on protecting voting rights for citizens in underserved and underrepresented communities (women, minorities, disabled, youth/elderly voters) through education, organizing, and policy advocacy. MVRC supports voter registration efforts in New York and battleground states. We promote civic engagement by developing pro-voter programming and initiatives to protect and empower our communities. MVRC also works to improve diversity among voting-rights champions.
The overall goals of the Committee include:
  • Increasing the diversity of our NYDLC membership—both attorneys and non-attorney alike—as well as the diversity of the volunteer base that we will recruit and deploy to participate in our voter protection program during upcoming elections.
  • Working to educate individuals, community groups, and civic-minded organizations on election/voting rights and empowering them to inform others in their networks. Learn more or become workshop facilitator here.
  • Increasing voter turnout in upcoming elections in all the areas where the NYDLC will be responsible for voter protection. Focusing specifically on women, minorities, youth and the elderly.
  • Developing and advocating for voter legislation that protects and enhances the voting rights of all citizens, especially individuals from under served and underrepresented communities.

To see NYDLC's upcoming events, including MVRC meetings and programs, visit our EVENTS PAGE

Have ideas for programming or questions? Contact Committee Co-Chairs Theo Harris and Mark Favors by email: [email protected].