NYDLC Committees

NYDLC members are dedicated to fostering universal participation and trust in the electoral process by ensuring that:

  1. All eligible persons can register to vote easily;
  2. All registered voters are able to vote conveniently, fairly, and without intimidation; and,
  3. All votes are counted accurately by transparent and reliable voting systems.

NYDLC works to protect voting rights through three prongs of civic engagement. NYDLC events, initiatives, and programming is largely facilitated through the work of several committees. All NYDLC Members are welcome to participate in our Steering Committee and are encouraged to get involved in at least one substantive committee:

NYDLC Steering Committee

NYDLC’s Steering Committee is open to any active member. Steering sets organizational goals and strategies and is led by four Co-Chairs. Anyone interested in learning about NYDLC can attend our monthly meeting. Email [email protected].