NYDLC's Year in Review: Beyond 2016

NYDLC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to every lawyer, law student, or voting right advocate who volunteered to help protect the vote in 2016. Check out NYDLC's 2016 Year in Review, and get a preview of what we have planned for 2017!

Given the current political climate, 2017 will be a pivotal year in the long struggle to guarantee fundamental voting rights for all Americans. The continued success of our pro-voter advocacy is more critical now than ever.

Here you will find NYDLC's 2016 Year in Review, highlighting the road we've traveled together to protect and advance the franchise. As you reflect on the twists and turns of Election 2016, we hope you will consider making a generous end-of-year contribution to NYDLC (here) so that we can continue our important work in 2017.

Happy holidays from the NYDLC team!

Click here for NYDLC's 2016 Year in Review