Your contribution to The New York Democratic Lawyers Council will go directly towards recruiting, training and deploying over 1,000 attorneys to be on the ground on November 6th in Pennsylvania assisting the Obama for America campaign, and in New York State assisting the DCCC and NYS Democratic Committee in targeted Congressional and State Senate races.

“This month, the Pennsylvania Department of State estimated that 759,000 registered voters may be at risk of not having the required identification.”( NYT July 19), and therefore may not be permitted to vote in the upcoming election. According to the same article “Obama won Pennsylvania in 2008 by 600,000 votes…” The New York Democratic Lawyers Council will be in Pennsylvania to ensure that all registered voters are able to vote simply, fairly and without intimidation and to see that all votes are counted.

To accomplish our voter protection goals, we will incur expenses to hire staff to coordinate over 2,000 volunteers, provide training to all of our volunteers, run regional boiler rooms on Election Day, and embed election law experts with campaigns. Please consider making a generous contribution to NYDLC’s Voter Protection efforts.