NYDLC Member Lance Polivy On The Radio

NYDLC's Lance Polivy discussed voting rights issues as a guest on WBAI Radio's "Law of the Land" program hosted by constitutional law professor Gloria Browne-Marshall.

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NYDLC Member On Voting Turn Out Reform

NYDLC Steering and Legislative Committee Member Adam Shpeen was published in the Albany Times Union discussing the importance of voter turnout reform.  View the article here, or read it by clicking below.

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Electeds Kallos and Walker Discuss Voting Improvements

On Thursday, March 26th, members of the New York Democratic Lawyers Council had the pleasure of speaking with two legislators, both of whom share the Council’s commitment to protecting and expanding the right to vote. 

New York City Council Member Ben Kallos explained the most important voting rights issues facing New York today, and about how NYDLC members can be active in addressing those issues.

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Councilmember Kallos to Meet With NYDLC

New York City Councilmember Ben Kallos will be meeting with NYDLC members on March 26th to discuss issues related to voting in New York City.  

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NYDLC Reflects on Selma and Voting Rights

NYDLC Co-Chair John Nonna participated in the Jubilee of the Bloody Sunday March that led to the enactment of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  

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NYDLC Proposes Overhaul to Leading NYS Early Voting Proposal

In a newly released report "Bringing Early Vote to the State of New York" NYDLC's Legislative Affairs Committee endorses a sweeping overhaul to the leading NYS Early Vote legislative proposal that incorporates best practices from systems in place across the country and suggestions from good government advocates. 

The proposal better reflect the differing needs of New York's extremely diverse 62 counties, embracing the mantra that "one size does not fit all counties" and preserving local flexibility.

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