NYDLC Recognizes International Women's Day

The NYDLC proudly commemorates International Woman’s Day. It is a vital reminder of the need to highlight the value, dignity and humanity of all girls and women.  

Human and civil rights should never have to be fought for. But in New York, and in our nation, the right of women to vote was unnecessarily hard-earned. 


Today we salute the pioneers of our nation’s women’s movement, whose shoulders we stand on.  In New York - home to Seneca Falls, as well as Ulster County, birthplace of Sojurner Truth - we know the complexity and urgency of this legacy well. We strive to live up to the sacred and hard-won accomplishments of these women, including those whose names have been lost to history.


The battle against bias and inequality still calls upon us all every day, and we must always remain brave and unrelenting in the fight.


Today, we also celebrate the 'firsts' many women have achieved throughout the years, from Vice President Kamala Harris, to our own Executive Director, Liza Abraham, the first woman to helm the NYDLC.


The mission of the NYDLC is that all eligible voters are able to vote. We proudly stand with, protect, and call for the advancement of the rights of all women and girls. There are many more 'firsts' to come, and the long struggle to fully realize voting rights, civil rights, and women's rights continues. 
  • Liza Abraham
    published this page in News 2021-03-08 18:35:39 -0500