2/13: NYDLC Legislative Affairs Committee Meeting

With apologies, in person attendance has closed for this meeting. But you can still RSVP below to dial in. Thanks!


 2/13: Legislative Affairs Committee Meeting--RSVP below!

Join NYDLC's Legislative Affairs Committee at our next meeting to discuss our Pro-Voter Election Reform Agenda and our strategy to overhaul NY voting laws. At this meeting, we will focus on:

  • -- Planning 2018 pro-voter advocacy calendar (Caucus Weekend, Budget, and Albany Voter Days)
  • -- Honing 2018 NYS election reform agenda
  • -- Finalizing our National Voting Rights Agenda
  • -- Coordinating rapid response and other messaging opportunities

         We are proud that many prominent N.Y. Democrats have called for pro-voter election reforms in 2018. We need to have their back and keep them focused on strengthening voting rights by modernizing voter registration and election administration processes. Meanwhile, the NYGOP has done everything they can to ignore NY voting problems and block reforms. We need to expose this for what it is--passive voter suppression intended to marginalize YOUR voice. 

         NYDLC continues to advocate for convenient pro-voter reforms like bringing Early Vote to New York (a goal NYDLC has pursued for several years), revolutionizing the way we register voters by enacting a system of automatic voter registration, same-day registration, registration portability, online registration, pre-registration for the next generation of voters, simplified ballot design, and more. 

         NYDLC will also be updating our National Voting Rights Agenda, which identifies several top priorities that, if adopted nationwide, would enhance our democracy by making our electoral process fairer, more inclusive, and more accessible to the ~50 million eligible voters who are not currently registered to vote.

         But these are big priorities, and we can't achieve them without your relentless dedication, active participation, and continued support. RSVP below to join our next meeting. 

Dial in option: If you can't attend in person, all members are welcome to join the meeting by phone. Please RSVP below and you will receive credentials for the call by email.

February 13, 2018 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Covington & Burling - The New York Times Building
620 Eighth Ave
43rd Floor (Main Reception)
New York, NY 10018
United States
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Committee Co-Chairs John Owens, Jr. & Tabitha Crosier · NYDLCLegislativeAffairs@gmail.com; 866-NYDLC-01

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