Voter Protection 2020

Voting Period Voter Protection Team

Do you want to play a crucial part in making sure Early Voting is a long term success in New York? Then be an EARLY VOTER ROVER for NYDLC!

You do not even need a poll watching certificate to be a rover! All you need is the passion for implementing voting rights that all NYDLCers share. 

How does it work? Just stop by one or more of your early polling sites in your county and follow the observation tool at the survey link! You can fill it out as many times as you like. Some NYDLCers are 'adopting' the early voting sites near their homes, and checking in regularly!


Want to do more? Have you voted early? Then fill out our "Voter Experience Survey!"



And check out our current manual here!


Want to get trained by NYDLC and work a poll watcher shift? Email with "Poll Watching" in the subject line!