7/12 - 6:30 PM: Election Integrity & Technology "Audits" Team Call

7/12: Election Integrity & Technology:

"Audits" Team Call

Please join NYDLC's Subcommittee on Election Integrity & Technology - "Audits" team for a call on Weds, July 12th to discuss proposals for improving the laws and processes surrounding audits of NY voting machines and election results. 

Please RSVP for the call below. Dial-in details will be emailed to all RSVPs.

Background on EI&T Subcommittee Mission: NYDLC's Subcommittee on Election integrity & Technology was formed in the aftermath of the 2016 elections to address the absence of a uniform set of broadly accepted national standards and best practices for the securing, counting, and auditing of election ballots, which would help ensure the integrity of U.S. election results and reduce--as much as is feasible--the potential that our voting machines, voter data, and ballots could be compromised or provide inaccurate results. Moreover, the failure, from a national security standpoint, to prioritize adequate resources for securing our elections by treating these systems as "critical infrastructure" or soft targets and to properly vet vendors and keep up with hardware/software technology developments creates further vulnerabilities that must be remedied.

The work of the EI&T Subcommittee has been divided among three teams: "Audits", "Recounts" and "Critical Infrastructure". There will be three separate calls on 7/12 and anyone interested in helping with research or drafting policy proposals is welcome to join.  

Have ideas for programming or questions? Contact Committee Chair Russell Semmel by email: [email protected]. 

Please RSVP for the call below. Dial-in details will be emailed to all RSVPs.

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July 12, 2017 at 6:30pm - 7pm
"Audits" Team Conference Call
Chair Russell Semmel · · (866) NYDLC-01

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