Additional Resources and Voting Rights Organizations published a voting guide for students, useful for both first-time and out-of-state voters. The guide includes: The myths of voting in college, How to vote in all 50 states, and why the student vote matters! NYDLC and want to empower students to vote by letting them know their vote matters and help them cut through the red tape and get to the polls!

National Democratic Law Students Council
Law Students For Voting Rights And A Democratic America

New Yorkers For Verified Voting
The Latest Electronic Voting News For New York State

Black Box Voting
Consumer Protection For Elections

Mandatory Manual Audits Of Voter-Verified Paper Records

Election Reform Information

A Non-Partisan National Grassroots Resource For Fair And Accurate Elections

Advancement Project
A Democracy And Justice Action Group

League Of Women Voters Of New York State

New York Public Interest Research Group

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