NYDLC & Pro-Voter Advocates Press Albany for Election Modernization in April 1st NYS Budget

The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (NYDLC) is calling on all New Yorkers who support protecting voting rights and modernizing our elections to take action by making 11 phone calls to key New York lawmakers every day until the April 1st state budget deadline, and to encourage those in their networks and other like-minded groups to ask their members to do the same. 

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The New York Democratic Lawyers Council (NYDLC) strongly encourages members of our voting rights coalition and all New Yorkers who care about voting rights to attend the RALLY TO RESIST VOTER SUPPRESSION this Sunday, March 19th at 2 p.m. at Battery Park in Manhattan.

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N.Y. Democratic Lawyers Council Denounces President Trump’s Debunked Voter Fraud Claim

NYDLC denounces the persistent, bizarre, and wholly baseless claims by President Trump that question the legitimacy of his own election. Read the full press release here.


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NYDLC's Year in Review: Beyond 2016

NYDLC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to every lawyer, law student, or voting right advocate who volunteered to help protect the vote in 2016. Check out NYDLC's 2016 Year in Review, and get a preview of what we have planned for 2017!

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NYDLC’S Jarret Berg Discusses Voting Rights with Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer

On August 23, NYDLC’s Executive Director Jarret Berg, Brooklyn NAACP President L. Joy Williams, and Brennan Center Counsel Adam Gitlin joined Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer to discuss voting rights on Represent NYC.



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NYDLC Testimony re Ensuring the Integrity of Elections

On Tuesday, 11/29/16, NYDLC submitted testimony to the New York State Assembly Election Law Committee and Subcommittee, as part of its hearing on Ensuring the Integrity of Elections. Read NYDLC's full testimony!

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Letter from the Editor: Nov. 10th

Longtime NYDLC member Howard Leib discusses the continued struggle voting rights. Tuesday night was devastating. We are faced with the prospect of a GOP Presidency, Congress and, due to the unprecedented Senate power grab, a GOP Supreme Court. 
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NY Electeds and NYDLC Rally New York Lawyers to Stop Voter Suppression

Today, NY Elected Officials and NYDLC encouraged New York attorneys and others to help protect the vote in New York and the Battleground states.

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Liz Robins Appointed Chair of Law Student Outreach Committee

For Immediate Release, Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Contact: (866) NYDLC-01; [email protected]  

NYDLC is excited to announce that longtime Steering Committee member Liz Robins will head up NYDLC's Law Student Outreach Committee, providing an organizational boost during the final months of the 2016 election cycle. 

Liz Robins is a lawyer and recent graduate of Cardozo Law School. She graduated magna cum laude and with membership in the Order of the Coif. At Cardozo Law she was a Monrad Paulsen Scholar and served as Articles Editor of the Cardozo Law Review as well as President of the Cardozo Law Democrats. She is passionate about protecting and advancing voting rights, and has participated in election day poll monitoring, poll worker training, and organizing voter registration drives; additionally, she has experience researching and writing about election law. A lifelong Queens resident, Liz previously served as Secretary of the Queens Young Democrats. She’s excited about getting more law students and new lawyers involved in the voter protection effort. 

As Chair of the Law Student Outreach Committee, Liz will head up the critical law school organizing component of NYDLC's broader 2016 integrated voter protection effort, in support of Hillary Clinton's historic campaign and critical down ballot Congressional and State Senate races. 

"Today the voter protection community officially adds a powerful advocate and organizer to its ranks", said Executive Director Jarret Berg. "NYDLC is fortunate to have rising stars like Liz as dedicated members, who are willing to stand up to protect voting rights and help bring our system of election administration into the 21st century." 

Liz Robins can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].

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5th Circuit Court of Appeals Finds Texas Voter ID Law Violates the VRA

For Immediate Release, Thursday, July 21, 2016

Contact: (866) NYDLC-01; [email protected] 

On Wednesday, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas’ voter ID law, thought to be the strictest such law in the country, was discriminatory and a violation of the Voting Rights Act, making this the third consecutive judicial decision against this law. In the 9-6 ruling, although the majority did not find that the law  intended to discriminate against certain voters, it had the effect of doing so.

It has been estimated that Texas' strict voter ID law could prevent 600,000 otherwise-eligible voters from casting ballots this November, and critics believe it was enacted to make voting more difficult for minority groups and lower-income voters.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found that Texas SB 14 has a racially discriminatory effect in violation of Section 2 of the VRA because the law disproportionately diminishes African American and Latino opportunities to participate in elections.

The District Court is now required to create a short-term solution that can be implemented in Texas for the November Presidential election, writing, “…we rely on equitable principles in concluding that the district court should first focus on fashioning interim relief for the discriminatory effect violation in the months leading up to the November 2016 general election.” NYDLC applauds this decision and hopes that it sets a precedent for many similar ones to come.

NYDLC applauds this decision, which recognizes what so many voting rights advocates and experts have known for years--intentionally or not, these laws make it harder for certain groups of perfect eligible American voters to exercise their fundamental right to the franchise. If states intend to raise new procedural hurdles to voting, they must fully guarantee that the rights of their citizens, especially those who have historically been marginalized, are not infringed, before these laws are permitted to take effect.

You can read the Brennan Center for Justice's background analysis of the case here.

You can read the entire Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals En Banc decision here.

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