Finance Committee

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” The long struggle to guarantee the fundamental civil right of all Americans to participate in his or her government by voting for elected representatives is one that has defined and perplexed America since its founding. Each generation of Americans has had to fight to move the ball incrementally forward by expanding the franchise, creating a more equal and just society for the next Sadly, the struggle is far from over, and we must continue the fight to avoid regression and safeguard the franchise from partisan manipulation and suppression tactics.

NYDLC’s Finance Committee helps ensure that NYDLC sustains the capacity to protect the rights of voters. NYDLC is a horizontal organization with low membership dues and discounted events to encourage civic engagement, regardless of the ability to pay.

There is no minimum expected contribution to join the finance committee. Instead, members organize fundraisers and development campaigns, identifying like-minded individual attorneys and advocates who recognize that protecting civil and political rights--particularly the right to vote--is a foundational pre-requisite for a vibrant, representative, and responsive democracy.

Have ideas for programming or questions? Contact Committee Chair Alex Voetsch by email: [email protected]

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